EMIRATES CUP 30/07/2022


ARSENAL V SEVILLE at the Emirates on Saturday 30th July 2022.

What a way to welcome to home crowd back, a solid 6-0 win against a Champions League team, Seville.

Starting Arsenal off, Hail End’s very own Bukayo Saka scored a penalty within the first 10 minutes. Bringing Arsenal up to 3-0 before halftime, with his debut at the Emirates, Gabriel Jesus showed his skills. Saka comes in at the 19 minute to bring Arsenal up to 4-0 at Half time to leave arsenal fans grinning ear to ear.

After half time a few changes were made around the notable 70th minute, Jesus scores a Patrick and Nketiah finishes off the beautiful day at the 88th minute with a banger to seal the 6-0 victory.